Why Partnership with Energon?

At Energon, we strive to delight customers in all aspects, by maintaining the highest standards and offering cost-effective solutions to the customer. Our products exceed the requirements of the relevant international and national standards, and we ensure the usage of raw materials of the highest quality. In our manufacturing setup, we have incorporated top-of-the-line equipment and machines from leading global suppliers in the battery industry, which include the likes of Wirtz, Sanmold, Mac, Jinfan, BTS, Growin, to name a few.

Our Mantra is to focus on the consistency of the highest quality in the product, across all stages in the manufacturing process, while ensuring the best customer service and assuring an excellent experience of association with Energon Solutions Private Limited.

Our manufacturing plant is located at MIDC Sinnar-Nashik, which is one of the most prominent industrial development zones in India. It has excellent road and rail connectivity with major cities and is just 200 km from JNPT – India’s largest port.

ESPL also has an in-house chemical laboratory and a battery testing facility. We have Inductively Coupled Argon Plasma Spectrophotometer (ICP) (from a leading German Supplier) for testing impurities in liquid. We also have the Optical Emission Spectrometer for testing lead-lead alloy composition on inward and process materials.

ICP Spectrophotometer, Spectro, Germany
Spectrometer – OES Shimadzu, Japan

As a manufacturing plant, we realize the large magnitude of responsibility we have in preserving the environment. In this regard, we have various pollution mitigating equipment such as:

Zero Discharge Effluent Treatment Plant
Air Pollution Control Equipment
Sewage Treatment Plant

The waste water which is generated from the manufacturing process is neutralized and treated for all hazardous content, resulting in the generation of pure water through RO process. The purified water is then reused in the manufacturing process. The solid waste (in the form of sludge) is handled and disposed safely (without contaminating the ground) through a government-approved vendor.