Quality Assurance

Quality Policy

We at Energon Solutions Private Limited, aim to cultivate a high-quality culture at all levels, with an aim to delight our customers by consistently maintaining a top-of-the-line manufacturing process and output. The high-quality and reliability of the product are ensured by identifying suppliers who are pioneers and leaders in their respective fields.

At Energon, we believe that the supplier is a part of our organization. We encourage and ensure support for supplier upskilling - with an aim to create a win-win culture wherein increased supplier capabilities result in increased quality of an already top-of-the-line product and the processes which results in the form of highly consistent quality product. We conduct a structured, systematic supplier assessment process, through a standardized assessment procedure to approve the supplier/vendor, service provider.

In manufacturing, all critical processes are identified and controlled as per the inspection plan with a complete mistake-proofing system that has been made to:

  • (i) Detect the failure (detection poka- yoke)
  • (ii) Prevent the cause for failure (prevention poka- yoke)

In case there are any special characteristics, we ensure the highest control with end-to-end inspection, a thorough study of the process capabilities. Our team is working towards further reducing the variation arising out of 5Ms (Man, Machine, Material, Method & Measurement) and also at source. An objective measurement of process performance is done via monitoring the performance, auditing the manufacturing process, the layered audit.

We undertake small projects for improvement in the PQCDMS and standardize them via process, design validations. All finished products are thoroughly inspected through PDI, dock audit, product audit and layered audit to ensure full customer satisfaction.

As a part of continual improvement, our employees are encouraged to identify process abnormalities and take appropriate corrective action with the support of their peers. The corrective actions are done through a systematic approach with the internationally acclaimed ‘best practices’ and simple, cost-effective solutions are identified and standardized appropriately.

“Quality means doing it right even when no one is looking”

// Henry Ford