Motorcycle Batteries

Motorcycle Batteries

We manufacture motorcycle batteries using cutting-edge green plate technology. These VRLA-type batteries are sealed maintenance-free, and are thus suitable for diverse Indian conditions, right from rugged terrains to every-day urban environments.

Salient features of motorcycle batteries

Our sealed maintenance free (SMF) batteries are manufactured using valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) technology. They are used for SLI (starting, lighting & ignition) in motorcycle.


Suitable for all major brands and models of vehicles that are manufactured and used in India.

Product Type:
  • EB MF Z4 (BT 4)
  • EB MF Z5 (BTZ 5)
  • EB MF 5L (BX 5)
Product Features
  • Special paste recipe and plate morphology for instant cranking and longer life
  • Reduced internal resistance for superior performance
  • Non-spillable, thus completely maintenance-free& having a high shelf life
  • A low self-discharge rate enables a longer shelf life
  • Double flame arrester design for safety and a measure of fire hazard prevention
  • Gas recombinant ensures minimum loss of water
  • Low-pressure venting system reduces the water loss & prevents premature failure
  • Radial grid for enhanced cranking application
  • Wide temperature spectrum which ensures high adaptability to Indian conditions and cranking at very low temperature
  • Elegantly designed PPCP container and cover for high insulating strength to resist acids allow permeability to water vapour
  • Embedded design of rigid terminals for withstanding adequate torque and fitting with connectors in the vehicle.
  • Superior quality of Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) for longer life
  • Vibration resistance design for bad road conditions